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Standard production
Large manufacture capacity with dozens of production lines: 2.5billion softgels per year with 6 GMP Standard production lines. 2.0billion capsules per year with 4 GMP Standard lines. 1.6billion tablets per year with 4 GMP Standard production lines. 1200ton annually for granules in 4 GMP certified lines. 1500ton powders annually in 25 SC qualified lines. 2 GMP certified auto-packing lines. We can supply around 1,950 types of different products, with over 800 different specifications.
Formula design
Exclusive formula developed, high-quality formulation, thousands of product formulations, thousands of varieties and specifications to meet the market demand-oriented product development.
Quality Assurance
As a factory gained national GMP certification, we have a 19-member manage with at least Bachelor's degree and a 20-pepole R&D, QA, QC team, as well as a full-featured laboratory and over 40 sets of instruments. We have established a set of effective quality management system to control the quality in aspects from supplier selection, scientific storage system, production process monitoring to laboratory testing to ensure that the products manufactured meet the strict GMP quality requirements. 100% of the routine test items and more than 95% of the special test items shall be completed by our laboratory independently.
Warm Service
We are a professional group focus on team work, everyone of us is friendly and openminded.
Public Praise
We offer stable product quality and professional customer service for more than 20years. We've gained good reputation among customers both local and abroad.
Fair Price
We provide reasonable and competitive price. Just contact us to get more information.
Efficient Response
We treat each RFQ sincerely and as soon as possible. Efficient response is our promise to our respected customers.
R&D Capacity
Cooperated with Tongji University, Fudan University and other famous universitys' R&D team and their top researchers well-known at home and abroad, products are supported by strong research background. We also have our own R&D team composed of experienced nutritionist, bio-engineers and practicing pharmacists and an independant laboratory with highly precise equipments for developing new products.
Customized Package
The packaging of finished products include: film bag large packaging, bottle labeling, PVC thermoplastic sheet packaging, soft double-aluminum packaging. Exported package can be customized, we can do bottle packing, box packing, blister packing and bulk packing.
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