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The efficacy of collagen

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Collagen protein is one of the types of collagen, collagen and elastic fibers by true lining of fiber cells (Fibroblasts) manufacturing, increase with the passing years, fiber cells will narrow, metabolism, made of collagen and elastic fibers also decreased accordingly. Accumulate over a long period of sunlight make fiber cells become irregular and send large, unhealthy collagen production, sunshine also direct destruction of elastic fibers, this is known as the sun grows old.

The role of collagen:

Collagen, which is based on collagen, adds a lot of bone support:

1, prevent and improve osteoporosis

Collagen is effective in preventing and improving osteoporosis. Osteoporosis, the main cause of leg cramps is 80% of the bone mass loss of collagen, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus loss of only 20%, "efficient calcium" no! Only by supplementing enough collagen can we ensure a reasonable proportion of bone composition and delay osteoporosis. Calcium is only a secondary problem, so you have a lifetime of calcium, and it's still a huge problem with osteoporosis.

Eliminate joint pain, prevent and relieve joint swelling, deformation and stiffness

The latest scientific research bone startling discovery: joint pain, swelling, stiffness, impotence, rattling, cartilage wear is the root cause of the error of the immune system attacks on collagen, is not caused by calcium deficiency.

Because the body's own on a technique called Epstein (EpsteinBarr, EB) viruses have inherited congenital allergy, and the virus of amino acids and amino acids in human collagen is very similar, so when the body's immune system to produce antibodies against Epstein, virus also mistakenly put in cartilage collagen as alien invaders attack (also known as "the immune cross reaction", and thus make the cartilage damage, lubrication degree variation; cartilage surface grow bone spurs, swelling, and joints become smaller, the gap between activities, pain, if the lack of treatment, will eventually lead to broken bones.

The problem with the immune system can only be solved by the immune system. Collagen through the stomach, be, after identification of intestinal lymphatic, recognized by the immune system to produce "tolerance" directly to the fast repair cartilage, cartilage tissue to eliminate joint pain, swelling, stiffness, impotence, there was a noise, bone hyperplasia, bone spur, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, etc. This process is called "oral immune tolerance" (OralTolerization). Calcium supplements can't do that.

Accelerate fracture healing and improve bone toughness

Collagen is an important component of the joint. It binds the protein polysaccharide, cartilage and water together to form a lubricant and elastic joint cartilage. Once the lack, loss of water and other nutrients will, make the loss of elastic cartilage, lubrication degree is reduced, bone become rough, even thinner, can produce joint swelling and pain and other symptoms. Replenish collagen protein, to a certain extent can nutrition joint organization, repair the damaged joint composition, maintain normal metabolism of the joints and recovery to the health of joints play a promoting role. It can also improve the prevention and improvement of the back pain caused by the aging of the joints.


And hydroxyproline is one of the important components of collagen protein, in the process of fracture healing, when the hydroxyproline content in the callus increased, osteoblasts produce speed, so as to accelerate the fracture healing, improve bone toughness.

Prevent calcium loss and improve calcium absorption

In the bone, the "collagen" network also ACTS as a "bonding". Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and other substances that maintain bone strength and health, can be firmly "strapped" to the bone.


Collagen is an important guarantee for calcium salt formation and deposition. Calcium deposits must be based on the formation of collagen fibers. Collagen is like a small hole in the bone, which promotes the accumulation of inorganic materials such as calcium and phosphorus.

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